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Fishing in the Domaine des Faverôts


Fancy a fishing trip in freshwater in an Allier pond? 

Discover the Domaine des Faverôts site, Lodges tents renting in a 20 acres land.

3 ponds for fishing in Thiel sur Acolin (03230)

Ponds with carps (mirror, common, koi), pikeperches, Northern pikes, European perches,tenches, common roaches.

Peche No kill


Coarse fishing:

  • Pole fishing must be practised only in front ofyour lodge.

Carp fishing :

  • Ponds have a huge number of carps

  • No kill fishing (catch and release)

  • A particular attention is required whenyou catch the fish in order to release itin the water in very good condition

  • Compulsory unhooking mat / carpfishing storage bag forbidden

  • Only fishing from the bank

  • 2 fishing rods per fisherman

  • Fishing braid forbidden

  • Fishing bait boat allowed

Predatory fish fishing

  • Pêche uniquement devant votre lodge

  • Camp fires are forbidden

  • With respect for all, please gather yourgarbage (hooks, lines, cigarette ends,etc.

  • Please contact us before your online booking sowe can help you to choose which lodge to bookfor fishing.

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